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Long Overdue

By Ally on Jan 08, 2007

New Lifestyle, New Career, New Sister-in-Law ...

Hi everyone!
Wow, it has been a loonngg time since anyone has heard from me, I apologize! Well, this last year has been eventful to say the very least from a new lifestyle, a new career, a new sister-in-law and now a new baby on the way! It is exciting times for the Cases down here! So, where should I start? Foremost, I have been pursuing real estate appraisal for a little less than a year now. It was a rocky start due to the fact that I had moved three times within the year (Mom's house, an apartment and now Cara's house...I'm a nomad...), but now I am more ambitious than ever, setting a personal goal of April to be the time that I am able to work in the profession solely full-time without the aid of serving. Right now, I'm apprenticing under a well-known appraiser in the Chicagoland area referred to as Mike Isaily and we're both excited about the business arrangement. Speaking of business, my other job which has been keeping me afloat is a fine-dining restaurant called The Capital Grille. I am a corporate trainer for the company and may possibly be helping in the opening of a new store in Burlington, MA in March. As for my personal life, there's been plenty of growth in the past year which I am very grateful for. I think everyone has grown a little bit due to all of the changes that have occurred lately (in a good way!). For example, Mom now knows that when the electric goes out, it may not come on for a few days...see! Good to know! She's growing into the farming community day by day! As I had mentioned earlier, I am now living with Cara and Brookie. We are now affectionately known in the family as the "Plano Peeps". It's working out very well for us although I am on an opposite schedule than them (which would include any schedule that they are on because I work all the time...until April, here's hoping!) I also know more about the Disney princesses than I ever thought I would. Ofcourse, their story changes everytime Brooke feels like it, but hey! If she wants to say that Belle and Cinderella are sisters, I am certainly not going to argue! I am also not about to argue with her that pink is not a primary color. So, that's about all that I can think of, I've enjoyed reading about everyone and keep the posts coming! I'll try to post more frequently and keep everyone in touch. Happy (belated) Holidays!

Much Love,


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