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Trading in Haze Gray for California Sun

By Brian J on Jan 21, 2007

Orders are in: Moving again and Baby updates

Hey everybody,

It has been great reading about everyone the last couple months. It has also been good to spend Christmas and New Years stateside with family and friends...dunno how I ever did without it. Oh wait, that's right, I was ordered to...I guess things are a lot easier to take when there are no other viable options. I have to give it to the Navy for helping me not to take the small things for granted.

Speaking of the Navy, I waited to give extra details on Ro's pregnancy until I had my next adventure taking shape. That time is now, since my orders are in and we move in early March. Since my last official duty was aboard a ship, I am due a shore station. Unfortunately, my supervisor told me my preferred stations weren't available, so I buckled in to decide what was the least of the evils they offered. First up, I was told about a job where I would work in San Diego with the dolphin trainers (who train them to detect mines and hostile swimmers). Cool job, but in my time in the Gulf, I know that team deploys for 3-6 months every year. Not exactly a good job for a young family. The second job was to do Oceanography forecasts for Norfolk, but if I am to get a job on the "outside" later...I need a job to forecast above sea level. The last job they offered me is to work with gov't contractors, the National Weather Service, and the Navy team of forecasters in Monterey, CA to upkeep one of the forecasting computer models the country uses. Pretty easy pick there, and in early March...Ro and I will be out there for three years.

I have some major college work to accomplish out there, and even have the chance to complete my bachelors if I work HARD. We shall see, but Ro and the new baby will be priority one. Speaking of which, Ro is hanging through all of this hub-bub well. She is now 4.5 months along, and is trying to get a handle on the sleeping trouble, emotional surges, and overall 'heavy' feeling. At least we know that she only has to deal with it until around the 28th of June, our due date. We won't find out the gender until our next ultrasound in mid-Feb, but that hasn't stopped our friends with coming up with "fun" names. My best man likes "Justin" Case. Friends from my old ship, Essex, e-mailed in "Book" Case. I replied that I prefer "Basket" Case over that. We've also heard "Nut" Case, "Brief" Case, "Cold" Case, and a few others. However, the best creative names go to my classmates who tried to jinx us with twins, with the names being "Upper" and "Lower" Case. We enjoyed those, but won't put our child through it. Feel free to add comments if you've got some good ones. We've got our names chosen anyway. We shall see which one the baby will be.

That is all from us here in Mississippi. All of you take care and God bless.


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