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The Kuipers, Urban, Swanson, LaSalle and

By Marilyn on Jan 22, 2007

Family picture and update as of Christmas 2006

(The webmaster hasn't figured out how to caption the pictures yet, so click on the picture for full size, then look-y here for who's who:
Back row l to r: Anne Urban, Laura Urban, Claire Urban, (Nanna)Marilyn Kuipers, (Poppy) Peter Kuipers, Linda Swanson, Bruce Swanson. Grace Urban, David Urban.
Front: Jack Urban, Petey Swanson, James Swanson.
Insert: Sara LaSalle Baran, Shawn Baran, Kate LaSalle)

This was our year for gathering at Christmas time... with a whole week starting the 23rd of December. Minus only our two oldest granddaughters - Kate flew to Calgary to be with her sister Sara and her husband - Poppy and Nanna had the thrill of being with all the rest of the granddarlings AND their parents on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for the first time in many a year.

We made the most of it, taking turns making meals, watching all our favorite Holiday movies, reading books and playing games, and having a Holiday sing-a-long complete with Santa hats and a keyboard borrowed from Marilyn Sellars. We rarely have a chance to sing together - so it was a special blessing to hear all the harmonies. Even Poppy Pete was magnificent with his famous "one note" contribution, and when Laura took her turn at the keys, little brother Jack entertained us with a dance show worthy of TV's biggest prize. Everyone contribute a special food or tradition. It was tons of fun and we have our very own "Griswold" Family video to treasure.

We know how very blessed we are, and never more than this year with everyone in good health, gainfully employed, and our nephews home from the Mideast safely.

... We miss you all very much, and appreciate the updates ... May the New Year bring all of you your heart's desires, and the best of health and happiness.

Love and God's blessings to you all -
Peter and Marilyn


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