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A proud father invites you to celebrate

By Brian L. on Jan 29, 2007

Allysons graduation provides an opportunity to upgrade your cyber skills

Through self-discipline that is nothing less than astounding, daughter Allyson has successfully matriculated from college -- and did so online.

Though it is somewhat hard for people like me to get their arms around, this is a legitimate, business-recognized college degree that Allyson achieved through an online curriculum. (My boss tells me he gained his Master's online. Also see my earlier article about M.I.T. courses)

The ceremony will also be online with an ability to chat online with Allyson, very much as we would be able to do were we there in person.

Here are the details. I'm not sure I understand them myself, but we have until February 17 (a Saturday) to get ourselves up to speed. So here's the official announcement from the American InterContinental University Online

Please join us for a Reception and Live Chat on Saturday, February 17, 2007 at 11:00 AM CDT.This will be an opportunity for you to chat with classmates and AIU Online Faculty and Staff.The live chat will be available for 30 minutes.

You will also have a chance, while participating in the Live Chat, to have a Private Chat Reception with family and friends.

Instructions to Attend:

Guests will go to the web address below and type in their first and last name; then the guest password: bba220075
(Or copy and paste the URL into the address bar.)

For all Attendees:
If not already installed, upon entering the ceremony you will be asked to install a Flash program that is required to successfully view the graduation.

How exciting. And we are all very proud of Allyson.


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