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Gayle and Don's grandbabies

By Gayle on Feb 04, 2007

Son Jon and his love have one month to go

Hard to believe, but we are going to have 2 new grandbaby girls in our lives March 7th if not before. Pretty sure the names are Stella and Ruby. Mom, Beth, is huge, but healthy and happy. Ruthie, Jon's 18 year old daughter is thrilled. She is taking courses at Univ. of Colo Denver this semester, because she completed everything for high school. She is so smart and wonderful--can you tell I'm proud? She has been offered a scholarship to Drake in Des Moines, but really wants to stay in Colorado, and who can blame her?
Don's health continues to be great--except for some skin cancer to be surgically removed.
I'm healthy and happy, and ready to get my store in shape to sell, after 20 years. I really want to spend time with kids and do animal assisted therapy. Riley, my golden, and I love the work!


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