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Hot Air from the Windy City

By Brian L. on Nov 22, 2006

Cheryl's stable doing well. Lisle house not sold

Among Cheryl, Cara and our friends Stu and Jim, the Heather Ridge Stable program is doing very, very well. Cheryl and Cara have been handling the teaching, marketing and farm chores while Stu and Jim have done major construction, demolition and electrical work and have literally transformed the riding arena. I too have become quite handy. And it is gratifying to see the tangible results.

I try to get down to the farm as often as possible, but we still have not sold our house in Lisle. It is amazing how quickly the market dried up. This time last year, houses in our subdivision were seldom on the market more than three weeks. Since April, however, I think only 5 or 6 single family homes have sold. In the meantime, Cheryl runs the business in Cabery and I remain in Lisle.

Hope this finds you in good health and spirits.


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