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Life is an Adventure

By Brian L. on Apr 20, 2007

Updates on the stable, the house, the job, Living Waters, road trip and page

Cheryl is doing very well with the stable. She now has some special needs students which enabled her to obtain state and Easter Seals registration in addition to her NARHA Certification. She has enough students now that scheduling conflicts occur. Talk about a nice problem to have! She is also so very fortunate to have help from Cara's friend Stu and Jim, one of her student's father, both of whom are quite handy.

Unfortunately, we are in a real bind with this housing market. There's just too much inventory out there. I really don't know what the future holds. It's quite a challenge keeping a positive mental attitude. So, too, my employment prospects are a bit dicey. Last week, we completed the last phase of decommissioning the system I was on. The company wants to keep me. We'll see. There aren't a whole lot of opportunities out there that use my skill set. Particularly in rural Illinois.

I completed my role as (doubting) Thomas in "Living Waters" (I can finally shave again -- woo hoo!) -- a stage presentation speculating on how each apostle came to believe in Jesus. In one scene, we apostles strike the pose in Da Vinci's "Last Supper" painting. As was the case with "Of Mice and Men", though in quite a different way, the audience became quite involved in the presentation. For example, I had one fellow seek me out to tell me he lost his wife a few months ago. He said he found my "Doubting Thomas" stuck him so deeply that he came back a second time. I attribute that mostly to this fellow's deep loss and to the Living Water's playwright. But I feel quite complimented, nevertheless.

Not knowing what is going to happen geographically (see above), I suspect these are my last on-stage performances. Even if things work out, I will be on the road for so many hours that I can't commit to the significant time commitments theater requires. As such, I am taking a look at Audio Theater, which is not only enjoying a revival of old radio shows, but enjoying an expanding Internet audience.

I have the pleasure of meeting up with Anne and Linda in Milwaukee next weekend to "meet and greet" Russ Tamblen of West Side Story fame. What fun!

Finally, the page will now allow you to have your email sent here ( if you so desire. You will need to let me know (yeah -- right) so I can set you up with the name you want. And then there is a setting you must enter into your email program. Other than the community value of doing so, a lloydlegacy email address relieves you from having to send out email address corrections every time you change providers.

Mine is

Hope this finds you in good health and spirits.


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