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Eden Prairie Roundup

By Linda on May 18, 2007

News and Notes from not-exactly Lake Wobegon

Kate just turned 25 and is working at the Memorial Blood Center as a donor coordinator/admin. She is continuing her education this fall and is leaning toward a career in education or nursing. Has a great boyfriend, a cat named Jill and I don't think anyone enjoys life and all it's delights more than Kate.

Sara just turned 24, married for 3 years to Shawn, back in college for a degree in music and vocal performance. She is studying opera and recently auditioned to be part of a chorus at the Calgary Opera House.
Shawn graduated last spring with a degree in music, is teaching, writing and recording music and currently works as a janitor to support Sara and her dream.

James is 8, is super smart and very athletic. Thankfully, he has the Case love for reading and stays up past bedtime most nights with his flashlight and a book - thinking Mom and Dad don't know.

Peetie, 6, already has his annual summer 'shiner' from colliding with a fellow track mate at his practice this week. Peetie is the daredevil of the family and usually is nursing one injury or another. Another avid reader, he finds it ridiculous that his kindergarten teacher is trying to teach him how to read. Seriously, he is the smart one of the bunch and has my mouth times ten! He is also a champion fisherman and caught 15 blue gills last week.

Bruce, 50 next month, is now retired and is the stay-at-home Dad. He is very popular at the boys' school and volunteers regularly for chaperoning and reading, etc. He is also an assistant track coach for James' track team. He also does the majority of the house work, cooking and shopping, etc., thereby making it possible for me to work full time and go to school.

Me, 43. I work full time at General Mills and go to college on the weekends. I hope to graduate with my business degree in two and a half years. I work in our garden, play with boys and our dogs, have amazing friends who put up with me, talk to my sister everyday - my daughters every week (trying to give them some space), and am very blessed with my life. It's never boring, always messy, sometimes smelly (wet dogs), and always pretty wonderful!


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