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Back in Florida

By Natalie on Jun 01, 2007

This and that .. and some recollections

I am back in Ft. Lauderdale with Scott's chauffeuring to destinations from Falls Church Virginia to Baltimore to see Jan and Nathan for a night of cards (Spite and Malice); then to the Outer Banks by way of Eastern Shore of Maryland where we had delicious fresh fish at the Sting Ray Cafe in St. Charles. One of those restaurants you and I looked for when we had our wonderful trip to Wisconsin and Mpls a few years ago.

Jan DuPlain really rolled out the red carpet for our lil family reunion Mother's Day WuWu, the doggie; Rainbow the beautiful parrot; and, LiLo, the White Persian cat. They all have pedigree papers and Jan, Scott, Nathan and I claim them, as well! Smile.

I'm going to Lloyd's Legacy next but just wanted to touch base with you. Scott and I both thought about Noel, Dad, Gladys and Ella, reminiscing about Noel's wit, rage, loud voice, and hard of hearing -- and oh, how we loved him. He and Dad set a record for thoughtful and generous actions for his extended family. Often, at his health's expense. "Anyways," the photos we took at their graves popped up in my top drawer, first thing, when we returned from our extraordinary trip back home.

How's by you? How did the play go? Horse farm? Kids and grandkid(s)?

We're enjoying some much needed rain this afternoon and more, hopefully, will follow!


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