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Welcome to the latest of the Case clan

By Brian J on Jul 12, 2007

Lydia Joy Case was born to BJ and Rowena on June 23rd

Hello everyone! (Passes out for 30 seconds) Huh, what? Oh yeah, I guess getting sleep in two hour intervals has it side effects.

I apologize for being 3 weeks late, but I would like to pass on the arrival of the blessing that the Lord has bestowed on us. Lydia Joy Case was born on June 23rd at 7:25P after 33.5 hours of labor. She was 7lb 9oz and 18in long. She is very healthy and we are glad to have her finally.

Just for some general details, Ro's water broke at 10A on the 22nd, while Dad was in a mandatory leadership class with only 3 hours to go (had I left, I would have to retake the weeklong class in Sept). Praise the Lord, a friend from church was already enroute to visit Rowena at the time, and she volunteered to take care of Ro until I got to the hospital. I arrived at 2P and Ro's mom wasn't due to fly in until 5P the next day, so our friend Christie offered to stay the afternoon for support.

By 4A, Ro finally dilated 3cm and she was in quite some pain and tired. The gave her some relief, but due to the slow nature of Lydia's journey, they didn't give her full strength medicine. This doesn't even count the pain my Lady endured as the doctor took 3 tries to get the epidural in, as contractions were rocking her(very hard to watch for Daddy). Finally about 5P, Ro was getting ready to push and Christie walked in with Ro's mom, who she picked up from the airport.

After being told that we'd have to have a C-section if the pushing lasts more than 3 hours (and the labor totals more than 35 hours), Lydia finally decided to move along. I was quite surprised to notice that they didn't put up a drape or anything, and I was able(a.k.a. forced) to witness the childbirth firsthand. Needless to say, it was a very...interesting...ordeal. The Lord took good care of us, and Ro and I agree to wait awhile before trying again for a heir to the Case name.

Now Lydia is almost three weeks and has already surpassed her birth-weight. She feeds well and doesn't cry a lot. We are trying to work on her sleeping pattern, but I guess that will come in time. Ro is very tired, but still pushing along. I am not as tired, but my working schedule (and changing sleeping schedule) often conflicts with Lydia's naptimes.

Anyways, for all of your benefits, I consolidated our pictures and put them on We update the pictures as we take them and even have some old ones from our wedding and dating times. In order to pass some time while Lydia sleeps and before my school starts this fall, I have been tracking down Ro and my high school and other photos. It fun to see how we looked back then, and what we did.

But, that is about it for now. Thank you so much everybody for all your prayers. Lydia has a bout with jaundice, but was taken care of well. We look forward to hearing from everybody, and will be through Chicago at Christmas time. God Bless!

- BJ -


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