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Geez it's hot

By Brian L. on Aug 14, 2007

News from Northern Illinois and a web-page coming attraction

I can't remember a wetter August than we've had so far in Chicago. Seems as if I can see that grass grow. Unfortunately, there are still two places to watch it do so ... we have not been able to sell our house in Lisle. And it has been over a year it's been on the market. We're soon coming up on making decisions among only bad options.

On the other hand, thanks to technology, I have the opportunity to work from home for a client out on the East Coast. Of course I have to work on Eastern Time. But after thirty years of Cheryl rousing this sleepy-head out of bed, my circadian rhythm has reset so I'm typically logged in to work by 6:30AM my time -- which is later than I used to have to start my commute. What I didn't anticipate was the isolation. Cheryl being on her own down at the Heather Ridge stables reports the same feeling. We both look forward to getting together Friday evening and Saturday-day. A nice circumstance is that Verizon just built a tower near the stable and it appears as if I might be able to set up with sufficiently high wireless connection speed to be able to move down there.

Though August has been a bit of a disappointment at Heather Ridge Stables with vacations and lesson cancellations, it's still doing quite well. Cheryl and Cara, along with Brooke, took a couple of her clients to a horse show in the Quad Cities (Illinois-Iowa border) a few weeks ago. Everyone had a great time and did quite well. And, with the school year starting up in a few weeks, the lesson business should pick back up.

Speaking of road trips, I took a loop through Minneapolis and Milwaukee a couple of weeks ago with the intention of inflicting a DVD of my performance in Mice and Men on Marilyn and Peter. It was all a very last minute thing (long-story) arriving in Minneapolis to find (1) Marilyn recovering from torn ligaments and (2) having brought the wrong DVD. Still, it was great hospitality as always, and a truly enjoyable, relaxed evening. (Though we outlasted Peter). Timing was such that I wasn't able to touch base with Linda and her tribe, nor partake of Bruce's world famous blueberry pancakes.

I did. however, get a chance to visit briefly with Penny Gardner before she went to work. We spoke briefly about her job and how Uva is doing (quite well -- some days better than others like the rest of us). Penny has been back to Peru regularly to participate in the medical work with the indigent there. And she is soon off to Poland for a vacation. So we'll hold her to a travel log on both.

Then it was off to Milwaukee. Busy busy busy! The energy is amazing and invigorating. Among the highlights was an extraordinary dinner with dessert that Laura prepared. 'Course Anne and I had to go shopping for the ingredients (and socks since I left my laying on the bed at home -- ten shirts and three trousers I remembered to pick up from my local dry cleaners -- but no socks. Anne -- the check's in cyberspace -- well -- soon ). After dinner Anne and I pretty much gabbed all night -- though we outlasted David (see a trend here?)

Hope to get Linda and Bruce roped in the next time. And I'm still determined to inflict that DVD on Marilyn and Peter -- if only because it may very well be my last theatrical opportunity. And, frankly, it's quite good. Though I hold my own, my fellow actors are truly extraordinary -- particularly Zach who plays Lennie.

Finally, for now, I'm building a Gallery on our OurFamilies' site. The idea is to collect the pictures into Albums such as "Mary's 85th Birthday" or "Here Comes Leah". Ultimately you'll be able to upload your pictures directly. However, in the meantime, I'm having some trouble locating all the pictures you've sent me over the years --- and I haven't received many recently (not your fault). I'm going to ask Cara to start us off with the crop dusting pictures she took down at the stable. But I'd welcome any you'd send my way. My email server starts to choke at attachments larger than 1MB, so if you'd send them separately that would help!

Hope this finds you in Good health and spirits.

Poppa Brian


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