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Is it Fall yet?

By Anne on Sep 26, 2007

Start of the school year

Hey, all!

Thought you might like to see the latest photo(s) of my beautiful offspring. (webmaster sez: see Gallery Album "Our Youngin's) Made it through the first day of school—although not without a mess up or two (I completely spaced Jack’s soccer practice, which was wedged in between two trips to Office Depot, dinner preparations, driving Laura to Driver’s Ed, and driving Claire to play rehearsal). Dave walked in at 6:05 and said, “Why’s Jack here?” I put my head down on the counter next to the stove (pork chops sizzling by my head), and took a moment to feel sorry for myself (along with the usual mother-guilt thing).

I slipped in a picture of our newest family members (webmaster ses, see Gallery under album "Our Animals"), Brett and Reggie, who spend a lot of time in the dining room window sleeping in pottery (yes, I wash everything before I use it now--not just after!).

Hope this finds everyone well!

Love, Anne


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