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A fall update

By Ally on Oct 09, 2007

Happy Fall

Hi Everyone!
Well, it's about time for a seasonal update. Now that the weather in Chicago is finally appropriate for fall (yes, that was annoyance in my voice), I thought I should drop a line or two and let everyone know what's the word.
I am sorry to announce that I am no longer formally a member of the Plano Peeps. I have moved to Clarendon Hills which is a western suburb of Chicago very close to my dad. Although, having previously commuted 40 miles to work and traveling 65 miles to Mom and Dad's farm, the term "close" is relative. I have a humble 1 bedroom apartment in the only ghetto of one of the most prestigious towns in the western suburbs. Now, if anyone is a fan of character, I am, and I certainly appreciate a hearty helping of redneck; however, there is a distinct difference between redneck and white trash. For example, you might be a redneck if you get into a fist fight at a yard sale. You might be white trash if you get into a fist fight because your neighbor mistakenly assumed you were having a yard sale..and there are no yards in the complex. Other than some crazy neighbors, the apartment is affordable, spacious, clean and literally 30 seconds from the train.
So, I know what you're thinking...why would being near the train be of any importance to me? Well, that comes to the other newer facet of my life. My boyfriend lives in Chicago. His name is Jonathan. He owns an investment firm, has worked for a year with Habitat for Humanity and is originally from a Detroit, MI suburb. Other than that, he's a intelligent, dry-humored, sarcastic, wise-cracking individual with a cause. We get along just fine.
As far as work goes, I'm still serving at The Capital Grille as a Corporate Trainer and I am just beginning to (finally) get my real estate appraisal business off the ground. I've just acquired my first large client and am hoping to grow steadily and surely through the fall and winter.
So, that's about all I have for you. Just work, work and a little play. I am looking forward to my darling neice, Lydia Joy, to come see us (and my brother and new sister too...ofcourse...) and enjoying my other pride and joy, Brooke, while she's still happy to see me :o). I hope everyone is doing well and have been enjoying your posts. Keep it coming!

Lots of Love!


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