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Time to Come Clean

By Brian L. on Oct 15, 2007

I need your counsel.

Cheryl will be very exasperated with me for sharing this, but what we’re doing is not working.

As you know, with the introduction of Heather Ridge Farms, we have gone from a two-income one (small) mortgage empty-nesters to a (huge) two-mortgage one-income family. I recently had to cash in my retirement to cover our monthly expenses.

As I see it, I have but four options. First, I can cut the price of our house in Lisle. We’ve done that twice. And we remain the lowest-priced (not-foreclosed) house in our sub-division. Second, I can change our Real Estate agent. I have already done that twice. And the agent we have is quite well known and, frankly, I believe the most likely to sell our house. Third, we can change the offering. And in fact, I have removed the wall between the two bedrooms in the basement to make it a family room – and am adding a shower downstairs to make it a two-bathroom (rather than a one-and-half) offering. Fourth, I can try to generate a new income source.

It is this latter, a new income source, that I’d like your thoughts. I do not have the entrepreneurial instincts of Gayle, Lynn, Don and Greg. So most of my ideas result in the realization that there’s a reason no-one else is doing what I envision.

I have some ideas. I would like to share them, and get some honest feedback from folks who would be willing to hurt my feelings with a dose of reality. How to achieve that is surprisingly a challenge in its own right.

I’m inclined to create a category in our web page called “ideas” that works like the articles by allowing comments. We can create a “blog”. We can create a “chat room” or we can handle it through email – though that precludes “group think”.

But, guys, I do need your help as our current strategy isn’t encouraging.


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