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Tosa Doin's

By Anne on Nov 07, 2007

The Urban kids' activities

Claire has performances in Sleeping Beauty these next two weekends Then she has performances in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (head oompah loompah, I believe) in late November and early December.

Jack is done with soccer and starting up basketball in a couple of weeks

Laura is done with swimming. She made it to sectionals and shaved 3 seconds off of her 200 backstroke. Obviously not going to state, but very happy with her season (she’ll get her first letter this year!).

Grace is not currently in a show, although she performed for a bunch of potential investors with a few professional singer/actors to help pitch a new off-broadway show that a local man has written. They will be pitching it again in early December—I’ll see if they’ll allow very quiet relatives who don’t plan to invest in a Broadway show to attend.

Two more things: Laura has her driver’s permit! I’ve been teaching her for a couple of weeks, but the school that I PREPAID to teach her behind-the-wheel closed down; so we’re out $250 and searching for a new driving school. Secondly, and very exciting, Grace has been accepted at Madison!!! She is three for three: Minnesota, Madison and UW-Milwaukee. She also applied to NYU’s drama program, but has to do an audition in Chicago in February. She claims she’s not going to bother, but I’m hoping we can talk her into it—even if it’s only to be able to say that she was accepted into NYU’s drama program! Grace and I do the official Badger dog-and-pony show this Wednesday (thought it only fair since she’s already seen the Gopher show) so she will be able to make a balanced decision. I think she’s leaning toward Minnesota (further away from the parents), but Dave is pushing hard for his alma mater. We shall see…


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