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Winter in Monterey, is like Fall in Chic

By Brian J on Nov 30, 2007

BJ, Ro, and Lydia gear up for the trip home

Hello everyone,

Glad to hear everyone is doing fine. The newest Case family is doing quite well out here in Monterey. While I snicker at the forecast for a winter storm across the upper Midwest this weekend, I smile at the upper-50's for highs and lower-40's for lows that the ocean moderates for all of us along the Pacific.

But, I think that is enough gloating about weather, because we get our just desserts on Dec 15, when the family and I return to Chicago for three weeks to introduce everybody (save Ro's mom who was here for the baby's birth) to Lydia. Just in time, it seems, Lydia has begun to develop stranger anxiety. When she is in anybody's arms, outside of Mom and Dad, she starts bawling. This has even occured with friends who see her on a near daily basis. We both hope she gets over it, because "Gramma Case" has already stated she doesn't care how hard or long Lydia cries...she will hold her granddaughter every moment she gets. Between that and the fact that every baby at Ro's family Christmas party last year got passed around to all 50 people, Lydia is due for a long first Christmas season.

As for myself and Ro, work has been keeping us busy just as much as baby. She opened a military child-care service in our home in early October. It has been going well since she only does it part time for any given family (three families are involved now). So now she doesn't need to depend on my military paycheck to go shopping. She's so happy. Early on, Lydia was the worst kid of the bunch by crying, carrying on, and demanding to be held all the time, but now she seems to be okay with sharing Mommy a bit and patting down the other baby (Ro calls it 'baby wars').

As always, life in the military has been interesting. I took these orders from Mississippi with the expressed intention of getting time for my college work and taking it easy after a long three years in Japan. Soon after getting here, the command informed us that we were reorganizing into a full weather support team for the fleet worldwide. So, the light watches and abundance of free time is a thing of the past. While I am still doing well in my classes, (A in Meteorology - shocker there, right? - and B in Geography), I don't have much down time anymore. I could complain some more, but I cannot play down how it will definitely give me some worthy experience to segway into a civilian weather forecasting job.

Hope you are all looking forward to a nice holiday season. Perhaps if you have some time, or are swinging thru Chicago, I can introduce you to she can fuss in your arms.

God Bless!

- BJ -


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