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Flood, what flood?

By Brian L. on Jan 11, 2008

We now have Lake Cheryl as a front yard and an indoor pool.

Always wanted lakefront property! Think everyone in OurFamilies has a recent weather story to tell. Please use the comments to let us know how Tornadic Wisconsin and Washington State, eleven-foot Snowburied Colorado and Waterlogged FarmerGreg-land fared.

Ours began with a blizzard that socked us in – 40-mile and hour steady winds gusting to 50 creating impressive drifts. Ended up hand-shoveling gorges to the various stable buildings as the snow-blower lost a tire – and the tractor had just suffered a broken carburetor. Then a few days of 60 degree weather had us pumping the melt-water out of the basement. Followed by 5 inches of rain that created Lake Cheryl and further flooded the basement – we were on 40 minute shifts of pumping water for two days. We still accumulate enough to pump twice a day. And we’ve had maybe 5 hours of sunshine this month.

Don’t know how you Washington State folks can take the day-after-day of rain and clouds. Our positive mental attitude is taking a beating and we’re not even halfway through the month.

Had a wonderful Christmas. Cheryl’s mother Laverne was able to join us in Cabery along with daughters Allyson and Cara, granddaughter Brooke, friend Stu, son Brian J, Daughter-in-law Rowena and granddaughter Lydia (And dogs Kari and ‘Tainer (Tarin), barn-cat Mittens, mini-horses Tinker Toy and Dewey, horses Jet, Lucy, April, Firefly and Nellie – and an unnamed, uninvited opossum).

We just finished combining the two basement bedrooms into a single family room and adding a shower in the Lisle house. The final cost was twice the estimate – ouch. But we now move into a different housing market (that of two bathrooms) and hope that generates some interest. The housing market news is not encouraging, however. I’ve moved down to Cabery to join Cheryl at Heather Ridge Stables. One thing about stables: I’m probably in the best physical shape since boot camp.

The stable as a business is at a plateau for now. Winter months are typically unpredictable anyway. Often it’s too cold … for the horses. And this month we have often literally been unreachable by road due to the snow and, this week, highways under water.

My business idea is suffering from “analysis paralysis”. Though there is identifiable and successful indirect competition, I can’t come up with the metrics to decide what kind of start-up and working capital I’m going to need. I have dozens of reasons not to take the next step, but I think I’m going to have to suck it up and either give it a shot or give it up. Stay tuned!

Again, most of us have really taken a weather-beating lately. If nothing else, post a comment assuring us you are okay – if you are.


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