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Notes from the North

By Marilyn on Dec 03, 2006

Best wishes to Brian J and Rowena, Speaking of Grandchildren, Marilyns website, and more...

So enjoyed seeing the picture of Brian J and his very pretty bride. What a fun day that must have been!! I had a great report from Anne.

We just were in Milwaukee last weekend for a too short visit...just about long enuf to hug each of them......

I'm s-l-o-w-l-y getting faster at some of the 'puter stuff...and along with all my usual business am trying to put together information for my new Website... [ webmaster sez: ] (do check it out and let me know what you think about it....feel free to give ANY advice!) It's not finished...more to come...

When is the new Grandchild due? How exciting for you, Brian and Cheryl.....Our's just keep getting OLDER....which they re not suppose to do, of course.....sigh... Petey is almost SIX...and he is the youngest!!

We are looking forward to having a week at the Wisconsin Dells with all of the family except Katie- who will go to Canada to be with Sara and Shawn that week.

Peter and I bought into a Vacation Club sometime back and decided to use our year's worth of points to share a week with the bunch. Christmas Mountain is where we will be- WATCHING the children do the winter sports...(we're golfers, remember?)

Peter is very busy reorganizing his business...and gearing up for the "BIG finish" in a few short years... and I'm pretty much doing the same....see my site.....

Planning to do a couple more albums- and doing LOTS of charity work, as usual....a major commitment to Healing House...which I will send more info on later.

We finally finished redoing our townhouse- with new bathrooms...and turned the Patio into an
outdoor living room....(of course- they didn't finish it in time for this I'll let you know how it works...NEXT year).



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