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The third time better be the charm, by God!

By Anne on Jun 06, 2008

Grace is graduating, Laura is driving, and Mom is working outside of the home.

As you can probably see by the incredibly erudite article just submitted by me (what--you couldn't read it??) and by the title of this article, ths is my third attempt to post someting. Naturally, now that I'm feeling kinda ticked off, this won't be nearly as nice as the first two attempts--sorry about that! (Webmaster extraordinaire: every time I went to preview I lost my article)

So, starting at the top (age-wise, that is): Dave continues to be happy in his role as Director of Investor relations at M&I Marshall and Ilsley Bank, athough he's traveling quite a bit these days. I (Anne) started working a job-share 3 days a week in anticipation of frighteningly large tuition bills. However, my job-share partner (by the name of Gladys--go figure!) decided that I'm such a quick study that she's going to retire and play with her grandbabies. So now I'll be working full-time. Should be an interesting change.... Grace is graduating from high school with honors on June 14. She got promoted to assistant manager at the restaurant where she works, and expects to put in 30 hours a week this summer--which is good, because she'll be starting at UW-Madison in August (we don't talk about it too much 'cuz Mom gets weepy). Laura will be getting her driver's license two days after Grace graduates (are they TRYING to kill me?), and has a job as an assistant swim instructor. She's also taking lifesaving classes, and expects to do some lifeguarding this summer, too. Claire is starting voice lessons this summer and is less-than-enthusiastic about her main role this summer, which will be watching her brother if both of her sisters are working. One of life's yucky little lessons. Jack is signed up for a lot of activities this summer: swimming, basketball, baseball, football and golf. The plan is to keep him so tired that he can't irritate his big sisters too much. I'd give you a status report on Rosie the dog and Brett and Reggie the cats, but they're too busy snoozing in the sun.

Hope this finds you all heathy and happy! Much love, Anne


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