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Busy California

By Brian J on Jun 15, 2008

Lydia is turning 1, plus other Cali-Case happenings

Good day everybody,

After reading Anne's post about the girls getting older, I felt inclined to remind everyone of the not-so-old children. Rowena and myself are still trying to wrap our minds around completing our first year as parents. We survived! Lydia turns one on the 23rd, and is crawling and climbing everywhere, but only standing. We figure she'll be walking by Ro's birthday on Aug29. But hey, she's one!

Now, only 17+ years to go, and yes, we know it is only the beginning.

As for the events down here, the military is still keeping us busy and guessing. Rowena is busy with numerous kids at our in-home daycare, and she's trying to stay ahead of the dynamic part-time schedule the various parents sign up for. We can only have 6 kids in the home at once.

The reorganization at work completed in February and the Admiral and Warfare Officer, of the group we forecast for, oversaw the final process. It's always fun seeing my bosses get chased around, like they chase us. Anyway, they personally commended me for organizing much of the scheduling and tracking structure (which I did simply because of my irritation with the group's disorganization). They presented me with my 3rd Navy Achievement Medal in 5.5 years in the military - - its gotta be some kind of non-warfare record. It was a great honor, and my boss has been joking with me that I have a knack for ending up on the "tip-of-the-spear" unintentionally and downright accidentally.

Lastly, the most chaotic fun we've had was our summer vacation last week. We decided to visit friends and family in LA and San Diego, but couldn't find a hotel because Tiger Woods and the PGA were in town for the US Open. I'm sorry, but SoCal traffic is hard enough to deal with, without them. So, Ro and I decided to try a little trick I learned in Japan - - military flights. A family is at the mercy of supply flight schedules (known 2 days in advance), and riding on a cold supply plane. However, if there is room, you can hop a flight to another base for free...the nearby air base's main destination is...Hickam AFB, Hawaii. We got on the list and went to Sacramento, only to find out of my 10 days of vacation, the next flight was due to leave on day 4 (I was hoping to beat the rush and catch one on day 1 or 2). So, we enjoyed a weekend in Sacramento - - well, that is until Lydia decided that she would only sleep in her crib at home or next to Momma. After a few long nights (Ro adds-"v e r y long nights"), we went to base and found about 150 other people that had been also waiting all weekend. I was still high on the list thankfully, but with limited seats, there were only 2 available when they called our names. I told them "sorry guys, but I'm not leaving the baby behind to catch a later flight."

We ended up staying in Sacramento for the whole vacation and had a good time mini-golfing, swimming, sightseeing, and above all relaxing (when Lydia slept). It was nice, but we think we'll try again for Hawaii in Spring when all the kids are still in school.

So, I hope you all are doing well. I apologize for the long entry. That's what happens when I don't speak up for 6 months. God Bless you all...we can't wait to come home again.


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