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Great new format!

By Jan on Jul 06, 2008

News about Jan, Nathan, Brother Scott and Mom Natalie

I really like the new web page--much more user-friendly.

Have you been keeping up with politics lately? What do you think about your Illinois senator, Obama? I'm behind him but he seems to be turning into a regular old politician, lately. I'm still going to vote for him in November.

Since the Republican National Convention is going to be in Minneapolis and the Democratic National Convention is to be held in Denver, I think we should have a "political forum" on the page. Let people comment about their political leanings and there would be a disclaimer that people can write whatever they want to but you're not responsible. I mention this because I've closely been following the primaries on MSNBC and would be interested to know how the family thinks, and how they feel about the conventions coming to their hometowns.

Nathan is living with me now. It's working out fine--he helps me with the groceries and laundry. (I live on the 11th floor so it's a long way to lug everything up.)

My father Bill won a contest that the VFW put together. He submitted his essay about his experiences in WWII (which I typed) and won a trip to Washington to see the WWII monuments. He doesn't know the date yet.

Natalie and Scott just got back from Alaska. They had a good time. Mom and I went on a cruise to the Bahamas in early April--my first cruise. I promptly found the smoking section next to the pool and hung out there. Yes, I still have that nasty habit, unlike you! Mom and I went into Nassau and saw this fabulous flamingo show at the gardens there. I got a bit overheated but it was a pleasant trip.

Otherwise, I'm just keeping on in Baltimore which is very sultry and hot in the summer. So that's about all I've been up to. Happy 4th of July!



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