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Rollo very ill

By Mary on Jul 08, 2008

Rollo in hospital and in great pain

Dear Friends,
Can't call everyone, and do want you all to know what is going on with Rollo, as best I can. It has been a hectic two weeks, trying to find out what is wrong, and coordinating with doctors as to where to go from here. His primary doctor put him in the hospital a week ago today, after tests and a talk with the oncoligist. His tests came back benign, but he still has pancreatic cancer. For the first time, he was in severe pain on Sun. and I took him to emergency at midnight. They readmitted him to the hospital and are trying to get the pain taken care of. The doctors -oncology, surgeon and primary - will hopefully reach a decision as to the best way to go by tomorrow. (July 8). It has been the uncertainty that is so hard. Thank God I have my two dear daughters here, my son was here over the weekend, and we are keeping in close contact with Bob in Vermont. Basically, Rollo is very well as far as vital organs, etc., but he is so thin and unsteady. I finally got him to go to the doctor -only two weeks ago - and everything broke loose. It seems it all occurred so fast!

I hope I have covered things up to now. It is impossible to call everyone, and I trust you will pass on the news to those you know. Please, no phone calls to the hospital or visitors! I will try and keep you posted.

Your prayers and good thoughts are so needed and appreciated.



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