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Hello Family!

By Linda on Jul 08, 2008

A brief case update (sorry)

Hello Family! I love reading about what everyone is (and has been) doing. Glad to hear Lydia allowed BJ and Ro to survive the first year; children can be surprisingly generous! I oughta know after 26+ years of parenting. It's still new everyday. Sad to report that my marriage is ending but glad to report we're all doing okay. I promoted myself to a better job at General Mills (I interviewed and they chose me)and love what I'm doing there. The boys are in full time daycare for the first time this summer and they are having a blast! Most days they are so tuckered out from the activities they are pretty mellow at home. I had a great trip to Milwaukee to see my oldest and first niece graduate. It truly felt like a momentous oocasion and I am certain I was not the only Case present. Our Gracie is a lovely, wonderful young lady and it will be fun to watch her move onto to the next phase of her life. Right now Kate is in Calgary visiting her sister, Sara, and bro-in-law, Shawn. The canuck beanch of the family jsut moved closer to the church where Shawn is the music pastor, and Sara is heading into her senior year for her music degree. Kate is working for public radio and bravely consented to wear braces again to fix her tooth issues for good! She is also very helpful to her mom and brothers. I am so lookikng forward to a visit from Sara and Shawn in late August. I love having all my kids in one place. For a short time, anyway. I am so very sorry to hear about Rollo's health. Please know that I am sending prayers for strength and peace for you, Rollo and Mary. I like your idea of a political forum Jan; could make for some interesting debate and all kinds of sparks! Ro and BJ - I'm so proud of you both; for how hard you are working and how much you love each other and Lydia. Man, are you making your parents look good. It's never a bad idea to make your parents look good - trust me on that one. and lastly, thanks to the webmaster for keeping this going!


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