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Back from Alaska

By Natalie on Jul 14, 2008

News from Natalie and family

Having just returned from a 7 day cruise to Alaska, Scott and I have some great photos and some good stories.

The weather was cool, windy, rainy and foggy -- most of the trip; however, lots to do onboard. Interesting "other cruisers" and quite different from the Bahamas cruise Jan and I took in May. Midwesterners, Chinese, Far Eastern Indians, and Americans. The food was plentiful and and we played lots of Spite and Malice.

Although there were four ports, the weather kept me on board - not only too much walking required but inclement weather held me back. We did take a taxi tour of Juneau, the Capital, otherwise, indulged in the Ship's offerings. Thanks so very much for your continuing love and service to "Lloyd's Extended Family". It is deeply appreciated and I know how much time and effort ... and frustration ... you have invested for us all.Thanks and thanks and ever thanks.

I love the photo and Grace's graduation invitation from Anne's nest and will be getting a note off this coming week.

Meanwhile, a belated Happy 4th and know you have a big fan club in the Paxton-Austin households. Nathan is getting on with his life and interestingly, he's staying with Jan for now ... and Natalie is staying with Scott - we share a house. So far, so good.


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