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Update from Plano

By Cara on Jul 16, 2008

Update from Plano

Hi everyone,

It has been aeons since I have posted here. I hope everyone is doing well.

Things are busy as always with us. Stu and I both work in Chicago and have a hefty commute so that takes up most days for us. We also spend every weekend down at my parents farm helping out where we can. We love it down there and hope more of the family can find time to come down and visit.

Brooke is enjoying Summer Camp at the local YMCA. She is getting so grown up! She just came back from Florida after spending three weeks with her Dad down there. She had a great time. Stu and I are getting married at the end of August. We are very excited and are looking forward to the next chapter in our lives. We are just having a very small immediate family ceremony.

Congratulations to Grace. Ann you have to be so proud and happy at how well your children are turning out!

Mary - We are keeping Rollo in our prayers.

Aunt Natalie - What a great trip that sounded like!

Linda - Good to hear all of the kids are doing well. I hope you are making it through this difficult time okay.

I apologize for staying out of touch for so long. I will try to be better about putting updates on here more often.


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