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A little history and a little now

By Natalie on Dec 13, 2006

For Brian's benefit, a little history. Then news of the moment and commiseration about the real estate market

Indeed, Brian, your roots are those of an "ole cowhand" born in Montrose Colorado with ranches, a bank, men's clothing store and grocery store. John Frederick Krebs and his wife America were Gladys' parents. Noel and I had a horse called "Baldy" and Noel was designated "King of the Spanish Trails Fiesta" in Durango. Lloyd originated this rodeo which was still operating 25 years later when they were living in Mpls., I believe. I had cowboy boots, a token jacket which mother made (which disappeared in Hatteras) and guns on either hip. Never liked cowboy music, though, but enjoyed dressing up for parades and rodeos in the Wild and Wooly West. Dad Lloyd had sheep and chickens in Montrose first time around with his mother, Mary and Ward living next door. No indoor plumbing at that time. Grandfather Krebs installed the first bathtub in the town of Montrose! So the legacy is authentic.

I'm having the time of my life these days - cheerful and content. Tomorrow I'm flying to Nashville TN to spend 3 days with a wonderful friend who used to live here. She has a beautiful home with all of the luxurious complements and overlooking a large lake. She just called to assure me that the leaves are gorgeous and it's cold so bring warm clothing. Yippee after all the hot weather we're having -- still in the 90's.

Scott continues to be on hand providing me with a safe home and lots of "Spite 'n Malice" duels. He is almost unbeatable - a new record was set recently when he played his 20 cards in one fell swoop - a "skunk" extraordinary.

My health is great with one exception -- arthritic knee and now an occasional bout with sciatica on the left side. Otherwise, all tests have revealed excellent health.

Like you, the real estate market is not acting right in our behalf, is it? It has been 3 years since I moved in with dear Scott, awaiting the estate settlement in NC. Our present "aging agent" is real estate and the sluggish market keeping us from our rewards for being such good people. (Smile) Events overwhelming plans continues to be a truism - we both want to get on with our lives and philosophically accepting the delay with hope that there's a higher purpose being served in our waiting.

I saw a bumper sticker today which said, "Don't quit, surrender." "May we continue to want what we have and take what we are given with grace." My mantra of late.

Today is Jan Paxton's birthday and doing fairly well. Nathan continues to work hard with JiffyLube servicing up to 60 cars a day.

I went to see a movie last evening with a couple of my young friends and saw "Conversations With God." Duh. It did one thing on my behalf -- the assurance I can write a much deeper and more meaningful book about synchronicity's way of demonstrating Divine Presence. Happens all of the time -- it's simply a matter of being aware.

How are the newlyweds doing? BJ has really made a name for himself with promotions in sight. He is a perfect example of the wonder of "following your bliss." Weather forecasting to be specific. Their wedding pictures are great. You look so handsome and exactly like Lloyd.

I had a great visit to Gallatin Tennessee at the end of October. My friend (Jan's age) has a computerized sewing machine and we designed a logo for the Moving Stars Club, Ltd. What is the Moving Stars Club, Ltd? My bliss and to belong, one merely needs to recognize and acknowledge kindness whenever it appears. "A kind word from a good heart is worth everything" is our slogan. There's lots more on the horizon and my experience so far insists that I continue.

Thanks, again, for your continuing efforts strengthening Lloyd's Legacy for us all.

Yah teh hay! and Love


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