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Hey Family

By Lynn on Feb 03, 2009

Life in with the Western family

Wow, it has been way too long for us not to hear about each other! As this seems to be our only link I would like to now state that I will try much harder to keep all informed what is happening out in the West!
Mom is doing better after losing out beloved Rollo. It has been a huge adjustment as you all can imagine, but she is an amazing woman who has met many difficulties in her life with grace and fortitude. She is figuring out how to use her cell phone, and for the first time at 87 can fill up her own car with a tank of gas! She emails all the time, so if you get a chance send her a note.
Bert just returned from a speaking honorarium in Jerusleum and is unfortunately going thru a divorce. He and his beautiful daughter Madeline spend great times together.
Gayle is busy with her store and surviving just fine in these tough times. She and Don keep very busy with there almost two year old twin granddaughters which are a joy to them!
I am gearing up for Spring with proposals and looking forward to a good year. My company strung 25 miles of Xmas lights in Cherry Creek North, a large shopping district in town which kept us busy till Dec. We will start up again this month with a patio projectj.
I turn the big 60 in a few months (YIKES). Where does the time go????
Hope all are well. And lets keep the new coming please!!


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