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BJ and Rowena's 2nd Baby

By Rona on Mar 24, 2009

Update on baby #2.

BJ and I are proud to announce that we are expecting another baby girl! We had the (21 wk) ultrasound last Thursday, and to our surprise, the baby was only 18 weeks old. The technician said it might be too early to determine the sex but our baby girl made it very clear!!! There was no doubt (I'll attach a picture). We're still going back and forth about her name but our two top choices are: Ava Faith or Evelyn Faith. We really like the name "Grace" for a middle name but Grace and Case that really a problem?! We're teaching Lydia that Mama has a baby in her belly and she happily kisses it now and again. She's also learning to say the word "sister". This summer is going to be a busy one for us as Lydia's birthday is in June, BJ's birthday is in July, the baby's due in mid August, and my birthday is in late August. Come celebrate with us, we'll be here in Monterey, CA for at least a year and a half!


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