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We're doing just fine!

By Bert on Dec 18, 2006

Responding to Brian L's email, Bert reports on the beating the weather inflicted on Seattle this month.

We did have power out for about one night a few weeks back. The only neighborhood in all of Seattle to go out! However, for some reason this time around we were about the only neighborhood in all of Seattle to keep our lights on!

Winds in Seattle got up to 69 miles an hour, so it was quite scary from about 2:00 AM until 4:00 AM the night of the big storm. Worried a big old cedar tree in our front yard might not make it. Early in the evening we had a lot of rain, but we stayed toasty warm.

A lot of friends and coworkers still do not have power, and a few had to use chain saws to remove trees that had blown down. No damage to the houses among these folks, unfortunately, many others in the region did suffer damage.

We lucked out. Thanks for asking!


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