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Poppa's Christmas

By Brian L. on Dec 26, 2006

Poppa is what Brooke calls Brian L. Here is a not-so-quick rundown of our Christmas

Hope you had a merry Christmas and are prioritizing those Resolutions in preparation for the New Year.

We had the rare treat of Christmas with a 5-year-old -- our grand-daughter Brooke. She helped everyone unwrap their presents. What great fun. The week was quite nice. Brooke and Cheryl’s mother, Laverne (who is 88 years old this year I believe) spent most of the week at the stable with Cheryl. It was “Nonnie” Laverne’s first time to the farm. Brooke and she really hit it off. Cheryl reports Brooke asking “Don’t you have a lesson to teach?” so that she could have Nonnie all to herself. In fact Cheryl did have a lesson, and when Cheryl returned, Nonnie was all decked out in every costume Brooke could find.

I headed down Saturday singing along with Marilyn – One Day at a Time -- from her new CD set. Being such a dear and important soul mate, I disremember that she is indeed an accomplished professional entertainer. Though I suspect there is something for everyone in this three CD set, her rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow absolutely enthralls me. Then there’s Scarborough Fair… can’t think of a better way to get from Lisle to Gardner, Illinois.

Speaking of songs, we did a twist on an old favorite – Over the river and through the woods, FROM grandmother’s house we went – to Cara’s for Christmas day. There Cheryl, Nonnie and I met up with Cheryl’s brother, Neal; Brooke;, Allyson; Brian J and Rowena to gorge ourselves on a breathtaking spread Cara (I think the Food Network is contacting her for ideas) set before us. All in all a wonderful day. (Doggone horses had to be watered and fed, so we had to leave early ).

We are now on our third real estate agent for the Lisle property. I am quite impressed with her. She has been at it for over 20 years and clearly knows what she is doing. Obviously the market dictates what is going to happen when, but to the extent that the right real estate agent makes the difference, I think we have the right one. But things are getting a bit dicey – and let’s hope the market is turning.

Cara is still with Hyperion handling their administrative challenges. She has a home in a far (far) western Chicago suburb and commutes down to the Cabery stable to help Cheryl out on the weekends. Allyson is one of the top senior servers and trainers at an (very) upscale restaurant in Oakbrook while she finishes college -- in January. As you LloydLegacy-readers know, Brian J and Rowena are stationed in Mississippi while he finishes the last of his Navy training as a meteorologist awaiting orders for his next duty station. Rowena is now but two courses away from achieving her R.N. (Registered Nurse). However she is going to wait until they know where they will be stationed and, I imagine, await the arrival of their first child, before finishing the academics. At the moment, the Navy is sending strong signals that they will be sent back to Japan for Brian’s next tour. They would have preferred Hawaii or California – and that is still a possibility. (Wouldn’t it be fine if Gayle and Don could meet up with them for an evening in Hawaii?)

As for me, obviously the Real Estate market situation is a concern. Adding to the adventure, I really don’t know what 2007 holds for me as a 63-year-old mainframe programmer. Though my job is secure until April and they have assured me that I am one of three people they are going to keep once this project terminates, they’ve made promises before. At this point, I believe I must consider self-employment – particularly as I will relocate to rural Illinois. But that is a scary prospect indeed.

However, if you happen to be in the Chicago area in March, be sure to seek me out as Candy in Alchemy Theatre’s presentation of Mice and Men. And see me smile.

Hope this finds you in good health and spirits.

Poppa Brian


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