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Wisconsin has not seceded from US

By Anne on Jan 04, 2007

Urbans found alive and well in Milwaukee

I thought I'd start the new year right by letting you all know that we are all well here, and keeping up to date reading your wonderful articles, albeit too chicken (lazy?) to post one. I'll try not to write a long and boring opus, but instead give a brief status report (right, 'cuz Cases aren't prone to verbosity...). Dave: claims to prefer even-numbered years. This may have something with his being named Director of Investor Relations at his long-standing employer (22 years) M&I Marshall and Ilsley Bank. Also praying, along with all good Wisconsinites, for 'just one more year' of Brett Favre. Anne: keeping things afloat while adding a few premenopausal pounds and now opting for professional covering of seriously grey (started in late teens!) hair. A note of sadness: in early December we had to make the difficult decision to have our wonderful, but very frail, 14-year-old cat, Fern, put to sleep. Am still in mourning and wearing lots of black. Grace: 16 year old junior, employed part-time at a funky pizzeria near our home, was student director of the fall play and is a cast member of the upcoming spring musical, as well as performing in a forthcoming musical revue and another one-act shakespearean-type whatchamacallit. Has an awesome grade point and excellent ACT score, while mom continues her denial of the need to explore college options. Oh yeah, has wonderful boyfriend (a senior) of almost one year, point of denial for both mom and dad. Laura: (Almost) 15 year old freshman. Made a seamless transition to high school, joined the swim team (first time swimming competitively) and swam varsity several times. She still plays soccer as well, takes voice lessons (along with Grace), is teaching herself piano and also has an amazing grade point (this part will get boring after awhile, but it may cheer you to learn later on that Jack is not the flawless student that his sisters are). Claire: 12 year old sixth grader. Another seamless transition (grade school to middle school), as Claire is all about the social life, and feels that middle school has plenty of it to offer. Fortunately for her, she achieved a 4.0 her first quarter in school, or the social life would have been rapidly pared down. She had a role in the fall play at her school, and will be in the children's chorus of the high school spring musical. Jack: 7 year-old second grade "spoiled brat" (his sister's words). Although he does well academically, we've had a few discussions with his teacher about 'settling down' and 'trying to be less silly' in class. Well, they couldn't all be flawless, could they? Jack loves sports--he plays soccer, basketball and baseball, and is a cub scout. He also is going to be in the children's chorus for the high school spring musical (he had a role in one of last year's high school musical productions as well--we have trouble convincing him that he's not in high school himself!). He's an avid reader, and not nearly as bad as his sisters believe him to be (really, I'm not biased...much). Lastly, we have a silly little two-year-old cockapoo named Rosie. She's not super-bright, but pretty lovable, just the same.

I'd like to end this by shamelessly begging our venerable webmaster to bring back the birthday list!

Love to all.


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