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How to use Two Cents.

By Brian L. on Aug 14, 2008

There's actually a reason this is called "two cents" rather than "Our Families' Blog". To me, a "blog" typically is either an online diary or written by an SME ("Subject Matter Expert") where others add their ostensibly literate (and often bellicose) responses.

"Two cents" (as in my two cents worth), however, suggests a personal opinion that invites both complementary and opposing opinions without claiming authority on either the original contributor or those who respond. Though originally conceived at Jan's suggestion of an OurFamilies forum on the political leanings and perspectives -- which is absolutely appropriate -- I wanted to expand the scope to allow us to share our "two cents" on any little wild fancy that could instil a little life into our web page.

Anyone can read the two-cent opinions and their responses. But only family members can add those opinions and responses. I'm sure you agree on this minimal level of protection (if not -- this is the page to post your "Oh Yeah?!"). Trying to make this as easy as possible, the forms merely ask for the portion of your email that precedes the "at" sign. For example, if your email address is


enter the name "needle" in the box. (However, if you find it less confusing, you can enter your entire email address).

You then have the option of a "preview", "save" or "cancel". "Cancel" sends you back to an earlier page without saving anything (since your last "save"). "save" posts your "two cents" or "Oh Yeah" to the database for the future viewing and amazement of all. "Preview" shows you what your "two cents" or "Oh Yeah" would look like, but doesn't save it -- so you can make changes.

As always, feel free to email your humble webmaster.

Surely You Jest

  • For example: if your email were you should enter "needle" (without the quotes)