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By Brian L. on Aug 15, 2008

Years ago when Brian J was still in high school, I heard your standard football "color" commentary coming from his room. That struck me as unusual as it wasn't football season.

Turns out that "play-by-play" was generated from a computer game he was playing. That game randomly sent a series of stock phrases to the computer's speakers. Though broadly associated with his keyboard actions, this commentary primarly served as background as he played the game.

It was indistiguishable from listening to a televised game if you couldn't see the screen.

I now watch sports events with the sound off. That approach began with the ubiquitious "he's the most underrated player ...". Underrated by whom? If he's supposed to be that bad, why is he in starting lineup?

Nope. There's no underrated players in football, just overrated announcers.

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