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The First debate

By Brian L. on Sep 26, 2008

As I understand it. the first debate was to concentrate on foreign policy. Obviously the meltdown of our domestic financial institutions trumped that. So let's take the latter first.

McCain's political ploy to charge in as if he were the White Knight to mediate a solution (notably different from that of the administrations) I suspect backfired dramatically. His POW status adds little credibility to his economic credentials -- even without his Keating-5 associations -- given his choice of Phil Gramm as his economics advisor. I agree that Obama dodged the bailout question as well. But I am quite distressed that McCain's support of the Republican House members concerns appears to be due more to poll numbers than to any economic literacy or conservative context. I don't think he has the economic literacy to devise either fiscal nor monetary policy -- and, given his choice of Phil Gramm, am not convinced that he will depart from the Bush administration's propensity to surround himself with ideologues rather than capable advisers.

As you know, I was in Viet Nam. In country -- a "brown water" sailor meaning that I was in Fire Fights with the Viet Cong (whose commitment -- if not their methods -- I greatly respect by the way). That does not qualify me to be President of the United States. McCain's emphasis on "POW, POW, POW" doesn't resonate with me as a Presidential qualification despite how I respect him for his service. But he still believes we could have won Viet Nam. And he is ready not only to take on Iran, but Russia over the Georgia issue.

So, McCain has to show more Foreign Policy Sophistication that the continuation of the failed Bush-wacking (or is that Chaney-whacking) foreign policy of go-it-alone, shoot-first-ask-questions-later to bring me on board.

Yet I accept that Obama has no clue either, but is less dangerous than McCain.

My vote will be a write-in.

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