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My Thoughts on President Obama

By Ally on Nov 05, 2008

November 4th, 2008 will be a date that will be listed in the history books for years and years to come. Last night, history was made. Born in 1984, I realize that I have not lived to see many elections; however, I have been blessed with the privilege of having a father who raised me and my siblings to be privy to current events and rigorously provoked political conversations over our dinner table while I was growing up. I am proud to say that in 4th grade, I read a small book about Bill Clinton so that when my father asked me questions, I had an educated answer. Therefore, I speak with relative confidence when I state that this past election contained one of the most, if not the most, strategic campaigns from both parties in the history of America. Both candidates were faced with riveting obstacles and staggering extremes. I found that the mentioning of McCain in Chicago often produced many negative remarks and sometimes even hostility from fellow locals while I watched individuals at republican rallies shout “Terrorist!” when Obama’s name was mentioned.

There were passionate debates posted all over and with potential voters challenging each others’ perspective. Personally, I was undecided for the majority of the election until vice presidential candidates were announced. McCain: a war hero, a moderate republican, 50 years of service to our country. Obama: a leader, intelligent, a new perspective. Both nominees had very defined strengths and weaknesses. Eventually, as some may know from the debates that I participated in, my favor fell towards Senator Obama.

It is true that Barack Obama is relatively inexperienced. It is true that he intends to tax the rich to feed the poor. It is true that his health care plan may have some loop holes in it. However, despite all of this, in these economic, political and warring times, I believe America needed hope. I believe that this election is about much more than policies—this election is about growth. As I stood in the middle of 125,000 people in Grant Park last night, I felt the energy as people shouted Obama’s name and chanted, “Yes we can!” No family, relationship, business or country can be truly successful if each party is working as an individual. Each person must collaborate and work as a team. We must all work as a team. America is broken. Greed, irresponsibility and unaccountability have placed a black cloud over Capitol Hill and disheartened every American citizen that it represents. That is all of us. I am by no means saying that our new president is going to fix all of our problems because, in reality, the real power lies with the House and the Senate. What I am saying is that by electing the first Black-American President, we are showing growth. As a speaker once stated: History does not repeat itself, we repeat history—so, we can change it. All we need is a new perspective. Yes we can.

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